How to Lose Weight Eating Raw Foods

How to Lose Weight Eating Raw Foods

Does eating raw food really help in losing weight or is it just a myth? Yes, it is true that adding more raw food to your diet is a great way to lose weight and boost your health.

What does a Raw Food Diet consist of?

A raw food diet plan includes sugary fruits, green vegetables and unprocessed foods. This type of diet plan is rich in minerals and vitamins as well as useful antioxidants providing your body with essential nutrients.

When planning a raw food diet, you need to balance your meals. Consume raw vegetables, fresh fruits and add unprocessed whole grains to your diet, especially in the form of sprouts that provide the body with healthy carbohydrates.

Do HealthCare Professionals Approve a Raw Food Diet Plan?

Medical practitioners also suggest consumption of raw food for weight loss and improved health. Adding these raw food articles to your diet allows you to provide the body with essential nutrients and cutting down of processed fats and oils. This is one of the major reasons that raw food diets work effectively for almost any body type and helps actively reduce weight.

Some Meal Examples

Start your day eating numerous cups of melon or any other fruit rich in sugar. You can also prepare a healthy fruit rich smoothie by blending several fruits to get the most out of raw foods.

For lunch, you can make a green salad with an added dressing of fresh plant fat like avocado or mixture of sugary fruits including lemon, orange etc. In addition, adding one or two fruit servings will be a good option to increase the energy level.

Consuming green salads with a blend of fresh and green leafy vegetables is the best dinner plan. To add nutrients to your meal, include nuts, seeds, avocado, dried fruits, and raw vegetables to your salad.

Avoid alcohol consumption and have soymilk instead!

The Many Benefits of Raw Foods

  • Health specialists and dieticians, claim that eating raw foods promotes weight loss along with boosting energy and augmenting your health
  • Raw foods offer a healthy, natural alternative to the processed foods available in the market these days
  • You lose weight on a diet of fruits and vegetables even while eating as much as you want. This prevents any weakness of lack of nutrients if executed well.
  • Raw foods encourage the consumption of alkaline foods improving the functioning of immune system
  • Eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables increases the level of essential vitamins and minerals in your body

Numerous people throughout the world because of the advantages that it provides have adopted the raw food diet plan. Moreover, raw foods offer you the flexibility of making your own servings that are rich in essential nutrients and minerals. Using our own creativity and depending on the availability of items one can create a superb menu to make this diet filling and fun.

Detox with Raw food, What are the Best Raw Foods to Eat

Detox with Raw food, What are the Best Raw Foods to Eat

A raw food diet, when consumed well, helps in removing the toxins, fat and other accumulated wastes from our body. Detoxing with raw food boosts your health, improves energy levels, enhances immune system functioning & the process of digestion and offers a number of other health benefits as well.

Why Detoxing Requires Alkaline Foods?

During the detoxing process, your body needs alkaline foods in plenty. If you do not get the required alkaline minerals during the process, you are at a risk of falling ill. This is one of the reasons that it is important that prior to the detox, you consume ample amount of raw vegetables and fruit juices along with alkaline rich foods that should also be included in the diet you consume during the detox phase. It is necessary to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body to get the best results.

Top 5 Raw Foods You Can Add To Your Detoxing Diet Plan

Here is the list of top five raw foods that you can add in your diet plan helping you to detox in a healthy fashion:

Raw Vegetables: Fresh and uncooked vegetables is one of the best foods for your body. Vegetables like carrot, beetroot, ginger, radish, provide the body with the nutrition that it needs and at the same time help in losing weight. It is important to include vegetables in the detox diet you want to follow since, they are easy to digest and aid the expulsion of toxins.

Brussels sprouts: These are a rich source of Sulphur, which actively helps in the removal of toxins from the body, thus aiding the process in an effective manner. Adding sprouts to your diet on a regular basis will help in detoxing. Sprouts also push the liver to release all the toxins that have accumulated over time and thus speed up the detox process.

Garlic: A rich source of sulphur, garlic is one of the most trusted and effective ways to detox the body and helps in releasing toxins. Consuming garlic in its raw state with a glass of warm water can work miracles for your cholesterol levels.

Grapefruit: This amazing food is rich in a multitude of nutrients; the fruit provides the body with glutathione that helps in cleansing the liver. At the same time, the fruit helps the body in tackling cholesterol levels.

Raw Cacao: Rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, raw cacao helps in improving the energy levels in your body. Moreover, the active enzymes present in raw cacao help in boosting metabolism and at the same time relieving stress that tends to affect bodily processes thus boosting the detox process.

The process of detoxing the body should be cautiously done and one should prepare the body by altering certain habits, 2-3 days before starting the process of detoxification. Before one starts, a detox routine, one should cut down on caffeine, sugars, processed foods, and avoid alcohol. Apart from all this switch over to healthier options and include fruits and fresh raw vegetables in your diet. This would help your body to get accustomed to the detox diet readily.

The detoxing process can last anywhere between 3-6 days depending on the course you undertake. Remember, to get the best results you must stick to the plan.