Amazing Paleo Diet and Raw Food Benefits

Do you want to eat healthy foods?

Do you want to simplify your life? Well, you can. We tend to think of Paleo diet and Raw Food as a complex adventure. But it is completely the opposite. Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy by following these healthy diets.

Weight Loss

Topping our list is weight loss. When you focus on nutrient dense foods with the nutrients and enzymes still untouched, you will naturally shed pounds. As your body transitions from acidic to alkaline, you won’t feel the need to have extra fat. As your body gets used to digesting natural, fresh, unprocessed food, your true self will reveal every day. While you still have to keep exercising, it doesn’t have to be excessive. Take note that sweat will help move toxins out of the body so hit the gym at least once a week.

More Energy

One of the most common raves of people who tried raw foods or Paleo is the extra energy they got. Eating the typical American diet is similar to driving a crappy, beaten-up car. Yes, it gets the job done but nothing feels like behind a brand new car. In a nutshell, you can feel your body moving at its peak.

Feeling Light

If only we could do photosynthesis then we wouldn’t have to eat at all. We just have to absorb the sun’s light and process it into pure energy to sustain life. Being human, we can align our bodies in receiving that pure energy from the sun’s light by eating living food. When we consume living food, we are consuming that ‘sunlight’ and be able to feel it. You won’t be able to feel such ‘lightness’ on the first three days but when you stick to it, there is a profound feeling of lightness inside your body.

Radiant, Glowing Skin

Skin is the biggest system organ of the body and is sometimes called as the third kidney because of its function in eliminating toxins from the body. Combine this detox process with improved circulation, effective digestion and increased intake of natural enzymes and phytonutrients of raw foods, you will be surprised to discover a glow on your skin like you haven’t seen for years. The power of living foods causes changes in skin texture as well as skin tone.

Promote Healthy Gut

The gut holds heaps of neurons that release neurotransmitters commonly found in the brain. It transmits information through chemical and electrical signals. When you are making poor food choices or you are experiencing digestive distress due to lifestyle or environmental factors, the gut send the signals leading to depression or anxiety. Prolong intake of unhealthy food can lead to leaky gut.

Leaky gut happens when bacteria, toxins and even partially digested foods pass through the intestinal lining and gets absorbed into the blood stream. This causes inflammation all over the body and the release of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Although leaky gut doesn’t cause any symptoms, the effects manifest in the form of autoimmune conditions such as allergies, anemia, eczema, foggy brain, fatigue, joint pain, diabetes, weight gain and more. Your gut health is mainly determined by the health of your gut barrier and gut flora or the intestinal microorganism. How are you going to improve them?

The best way is to avoid processed foods that contains artificial flavorings, refined sugar and additives and eating foods that are dense in nutrients. Paleo and raw food diet allow you to simplify your meals by eating living foods – raw vegetables, fruits; good grass-fed protein sources and healthy fats.


Paleo and raw food diet gives the body a chance to break away from the artificial substances found in conventional modern diet. Living foods invite natural balance within the body systems. Such ‘balance’ vary from person to person. Some people experience a balance in their blood sugar level. Others experience balanced hormone levels which results to less mood swings and other Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms. Others feel healing of their current conditions and illness. You see, living foods works harmonious with our internal system, bringing balance to our chronically stressed system.


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